Compay Segundo Coffee

Compay Segundo Café
Project "Compay Segundo Coffee"

The boom of traditional Cuban music, reaches its climax in the 90s of last century, when the success of a Santiaguero illustrious Cuban universal, are in place at the top of the world sound pedestal.

As a result of the artistic work of "COMPAY SEGUNDO" it has been thought linked to its history of fine Cuban project characteristics in which their idiosyncrasies, their music and their food preferences reflect. Thus, with a clear national identity, will be born for Cuba and for the world, COMPAY SEGUNDO COFFEE.
COMPAY SECOND COFFEE will be a cultural center for the dissemination of our culture through music, painting and art in general; reconstructing the Cuban colonial atmosphere of the early twentieth century staging a street or square Cuba the years 20-40.

The Center will be distributed as follows:
• Room Forum "Compay Segundo", where they can develop, conferences, symposia, seminars, workshops, courses, presentations on topics related to culture - would thus opening a space for researchers, students, academics, professionals and others interested in this sector -
• Gallery.
• Restaurant - Bar - Coffee theme.
• Scenario for Compay Segundo group presentations and other invited groups
• Pro Shop and Chan Chan Compay Segundo.
• Local Office.

If you are interested to sponsor the creation of the establishment Compay Segundo Café, either in Cuba or abroad, you can refer to our contacts to expand their knowledge about the project.