Donations Habanos Compay Segundo

Humidor Motecristo Compay 95

During the celebration of the 95th birthday of the famous singer Compay Segundo in 2002, it was presented a special series of 95 numbered humidors with 95 cigars that bear their name next to the legendary brand Montecristo.

Later in 2007 they were produced as a special edition 150 serial Montecristo Humidor with 50 cigars each, with the ring of the Montecristo brand and a second allegorical ring the centennial of Compay Segundo.

In both editions humidors it selling was successful as it adicionaba the band's sold worldwide, Montecristo, the image of the face of Compay Segundo, tobacconist trade and myth of traditional Cuban music.
Both times the 20% who received Compay Segundo's House for sale of all humidors, was donated to the Cuban Institute of Music for use in art schools of Cuba.