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Compay Segundo has become one of the most important exponents of Cuban and Caribbean popular music. Presently European and American countries show a marked interest in his work.  His fans wish to know all about Compay, his life, the origin of his songs.Se secó el arroyito [The Little Stream Dried Up] is a play written by this music master based on a song of the same name.  It premiered at the National Theater in Havana, in 2001, becoming one of the most successful theatrical productions in decades. For the enjoyment of his fans, Compay made a comic strip version of it

Obra "Se secó el arroyito"

For the reader’s delight.    

Se secó el arroyito has sparked a great deal of interest among Compay Segundo’s fans.  Thecomic offers them the opportunity to enjoy the story told by the play in a different manner ·This version makes it possible to highlight scenes that the theater version could not focus on. And it also shows Compay narrating the story.·The colors provide a more enjoyable approach to the artwork.The color, the locations in the Cuban countryside where Compay Segundo was born (characterized by their sunshine and vegetation) will provide this version with an exotic flair characteristic of Compay Segundo.